Stage 1:

Falling down

lacking any sort of masculine figure that didn't sexually, emotionally, or physically abuse him, alfred has almost no masculinity in himself, since most of his physical needs are taken care of he has no need to be masculine or face obstacles in life. His body attempts to have a hormone profile that suits this lifestyle which leads to further emasculation and stress.

alfred has faced strong neglect in the past, this has taught him that he needs to provide value to his abusers. the only value that he can provide to those people is sexual, his subconscious recognizes this and changes his personality and behavior to better provide that value to people. Given that those people are males, this makes him a homosexual, his body will change to be more feminine and less masculine. the changes in voice and behavior are the most intense.

Stage 2:


alfred will often spend long periods of time engaging in surrogate activities as both escapism and a coping mechanism, the male human mind attempts to meet challenging goals set by others or nature, without this driving pressure it is left extremely bored. Alfred uses recreational drugs and the internet to escape boredom but without agency or driving pressure he becomes very feminine.

there will usually be breaks between these distraction sessions where alfred contemplates his current position in life leading to immediate and extreme regret. the worst of these episodes is where alfred remembers his childhood where things were slightly better. Alfred learns to avoid being away from his false reality of video games, masturbation, and drug use because they will inevitably lead to more self reflection and the realization of being a failed male.

Stage 3:


alfred is left with a decision between either accepting that he is a failed male and taking on the massive journey of improving his situation, or he could just make himself believe that what he is is normal and good. he takes the path of least resistance and chooses to believe the degenerate netflix shows he watches that his addictions are normal and good. He basks in his homosexuality and sets it as a point of pride and identity. He sees evil as good and good as evil.

because of his conflicts with being good and just, he actively drags the people around him down. If he sees purity in those around him he works to destroy that purity and attempts to create the situations that created him. Because of his attempts to destroy those around him he often will succeed especially in those who are vulnerable. any attempts to escape degeneracy is seen as a personal threat to the lifestyle of the degenerate alfred. alfred will then use the power at his disposal which is usually abuse to destroy these aggression against alfred.

Stage 4:


by this point in time the depression cycles and the backwards nature of being a degenerate allows alfred the idea that he is evil and a detriment to society and the people around him. This "i deserve pain" mindset doesnt allow any room for alfred to better himself and he turns to self harm and destruction, This will almost certainly lead to the eventual death or a cry for help suicide attempt of alfred.

the degenerate alfred will work to network with other degenerates similar to him to form a sort of social tribe, his existence in this social unit normalizes the degenerate culture. he will form connections with younger impressionable males and seeks sexual favors from them. since these boys are mostly outcasts that seek social affirmation, they will be whatever the degenerate wants them to be. thus a new person starts their journey of falling down and the process repeats.

once the path of modernity is or has enveloped the poor soul the only path of salvation for them is to be brought back by someone who does not find sexual value in them. the nature of that relationship must be healthy and natural, this is almost never a woman as the nature of the woman is to make the man happier and to take care of him, never to change what he is.

temperance is the ability of us who are masculine or have masculine power to put it aside when around people who are not our enemies even if they act like it. when we encounter a homeless person we didnt always think that they are useless and need to be pushed out of sight, back when society was healthier we hand the mindset to help those who are down on their luck or even those who made bad decision and are in bad positions because of it. the destruction of those poor souls is not necessary and can be prevented. people can come back from degeneracy and self destruction but in order for that to happen someone must first care about them enough to help them. and unless that happens they will remain on that path until their death.

Degenerates cannot do evil because they do not know what it is, they cannot comprehend that their actions hurt those around them, or if they can, they believe those people deserve it and that their actions are justified. we are not here to bestow justice on these people, but to fix the problems of our world. if the difference between a healthy, intelligent person and a self hating homosexual is a 15 minute conversation over the internet, then past deeds need not be remembered, as one path is vastly superior to the other and very important. Most degenerates do in fact want to live, they just don't know how.

love those who haven't been loved in their lifetime, otherwise nothing will change.

when i was a child i would explore the forgotten houses and buildings of my dying countryside and wished i lived with the family that was there before. I used to look at these houses and think that if they are abandoned that meant that there was a family who wasn't living a good life in the countryside. I was right, and the people responsible planned this for us. They hate you, they hate us, they hate our very existence.